OneCoin News Winning the Court Process in Romania

OneCoin News Winning the Court Process in Romania

OneCoin News Winning the Court Process in Romania

OneLife Business in Romania

After a series of lawsuits, initiated by ANAF Romania in charge of the company that manages the OneLife business in Romania, the judges definitively rejected all the accusations and closed the case, considering that the OneLife business operates in compliance with the legislation in force!!!

ANAF’s action targeted the accusations of money laundering and tax evasion.

In the act of notification, the fiscal control bodies withheld the suspicion of the existence of a pyramidal network of PONZI type, capable of prejudicing the general consolidated budget of the state by evading the payment of due taxes and duties.

Following the investigations, it was established that the company operates in accordance with the legal provisions!

With regard to the crime of money laundering, the judge finds that it is not subsequent to the alleged crime. 

The authorities from Romania are due to high diligence and working with authorities from Bulgaria, Poland, the UK, Germany for a better understanding of our business model, and all agreed that we follow all the legislation internațional and we work legally in OneLife Romania. 

This is the 2nd court process to be won by OneLife, after the court process in December 2020, when the research has proven that the company operates under legal provisions (law).

Details about this case – you can find on the link below:

This is a great success for all OneLife communities and for sure these decisions will help all the leaders around the world about our business legality.


* Did you got Special Newsletter, last Sunday – about the 1st Country board?!

You can see there many interesting facts, numbers, and photos, from this very successful team from Romania… 

And today we can read the first report from this Country Board, this time about a very interesting legal case there..!  

Important for all of us! 

* It’s happening already! 

As we said, and management promised: first IMAs got a payout from new Cash wallet!!!

Exciting comments and messages coming from all sides of the globe… 

* One more great news is: the IT team finalized software for Double bonuses!

So, from next week, you can see in your one coin wallet – new Onecoins amounts (that is the same value as bonuses in your new Cash wallet!). Cheers!

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