How OneCoin Into Fiat After Profile Migration

How OneCoin Into Fiat After Profile Migration

How OneCoin Into Fiat After Profile Migration

OneCoin Exchange Into Fiat

 Dear member’s official procedure for converting OneCoin cryptocurrency into fiat is OneCoin exchange. OneCoin exchange is an integral part of the OneCoin  ONE ecosystem. Without OneCoin exchange, it will not complete itself.

But what we can do to exchange our coins for fiat? Some IMA is thinking that the OneCoin exchange will be launched after the profile migration process. So, today through this post I am going to explore these thoughts.

What Is Profile Migration

Profile migration is a process through which our OneLife data will be transferred to the new OneLife2.0 system. Where we can see complete blockchain and many more things. Also, OneCoin mobile application is on the way after a system update and successful migration. This app will work as an online mobile wallet for shopping and other payment requirement. But there is no provision for converting our cryptocurrency into fiat. This app will help us to create more and more merchant coins. These merchant coins can be used to exchange fiat.

OneCoin Convert Into Fiat

Almost all merchant coins can be converted into fiat. People have to use their coins on the DealShaker platform for buying and selling products. If you are a buyer then you can OneCoin exchange your coins with goods. On the other hand, if you are a seller then you can use your coins for OneCoin exchanging fiat currency with OneCoin. So, after selling goods and services you will get an option to exchange ONE into fiat.


The company will provide priority to the merchants selling goods and taking OneCoin payment for exchange. Because merchants are the backbone of our system. After the system upgrades, we can access our OneLife account with a mobile number. We will put our username and it will send us an OTP. This OTP will be our password for accessing the account. This is for security purposes.

OneLife Amazing Possibilities Launch

OneLife Amazing Possibilities Launch

Dear Friends recently OneLife 2.0 Launch procedure is on the way. And on 22nd August we will see this new launch system. But till then a lot of curiosities are arising in our mind.

👉👉Will the remittance service start?💕💕

👉👉Will we are able to see the One Life Blockchain?💕💕

👉👉Will we also get an online wallet?💕💕

Many such questions are arising in our minds. We want to know the answer to these and due to the long wait, we are not patient anymore. We solve your problems and give you the exact answer.

OneLife 2.0 Launch

As per the scheduled time, OneLife 2.0 launch timing is 22 August. We are attaching an exact screenshot from the official website.

OneLife 2.0 Amazing Launch

OneLife 2.0 Launch Time Remaining

After the system update, we will experience a completely new Merchant Dashboard profile. Take a closer look at this image.

OneLife New Dashboard

You can guess by looking at the picture above. Our new system will be much more attractive and user-friendly. By using it, we will feel a different bliss. Let me tell you about some new features.

Amazing Features Possibilities  Launch

Remittance Service

As you all know, we all have been waiting for OneCoin Remittance for a long time. Through remittance, we can send payment from one place to another. And you will be happy to know that OneCoin Remittance Service will start.


The blockchain of OneCoin cryptocurrency has been questioned by many. Most people believe that they do not have any blockchain. He says that the OneLife system only works on My SQL Database. Now you don’t need to bother with all these things because the blockchain can be seen live on the new system OneLife 2.0 Launch.

 Online Wallet

Blockchain and electronic wallets both complement each other. If there will be a blockchain then for sure they will add a wallet facility. The mobile wallets can be used to transfer payment and store OneCoin cryptocurrency.

 Mobile Application

The mobile application is also an integral part of the new OneLife 2.0 launch. It may take a few more days but for sure it will launch. The mobile application will be used for shopping and selling products by OneCoin merchants.

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