About Us

MDCATUSTAD is a website managed by Education professionals who are teaching in different institutes in Pakistan. We are providing free educational content with passion. Candidates and Teachers all over Pakistan are contributing to the collection of educational data to facilitate young educators. If you have any queries kindly contact our team by sending an email at [email protected].

Founder of MDCATUSTAD:

Ansar Abbas Founder of MDCATUSTAD

Ansar Abbas is the founder of the MDCATUSTAD.COM Website. He is currently working in Punjab School Education Department as an ESE (Science Math) teacher.

What We Offer:

We have decided to provide quality educational content for the students. So here you will find all necessary material related to the final examination of Matriculation, F.A, F.sc, I.Cs, and MDCAT entry test preparation MCQs from past papers.