How to save a relationship from break up

How to save a relationship

No matter how strong your relationship is, there can often be misunderstandings or arguments in a couple. And if this repeats itself over and over again, then your significant other may think about breaking up. However, you should not get depressed because such a relationship can still be saved.


How to save a relationship from break up

Experts point out that there are ways to determine if you have a reason to stick together, and there are strategies with which you can restore your relationship. 

When to Save a Relationship

The truth is, not all relationships are worth maintaining. Before deciding how you will save the relationship; it is important to first understand whether you should do it at all, it might be better for you and your partner to go separate ways. There are several key components to consider when deciding whether to pursue a relationship or not.

Healthy relationships are important

Ensuring that your partner supports your needs and core values ​​is also important. And, of course, when both partners want to save the relationship. 


If you feel good together, then you definitely need to fight for a relationship.

Signs of a relationship in danger of breaking up

You (or your partner) make excuses and hide the truth from friends and family.

You (or your partner) are more likely to do something different but not spend time with each other.

You make each other feel unworthy or not loved enough.

You sacrifice loyalty to yourself for your partner to avoid conflict.

You don’t like who you are when you are with your partner.

You (or your partner) are losing yourself in a relationship.

You don’t spend time with your friends.

How to maintain a relationship

Work on yourself first

To maintain and strengthen the relationship, both partners need to do their own inner work. It is important for both people to work on themselves and connect with their core values ​​and strengths. Psychologists advise creating an open space where you can be honest with each other. Only then can you work together as a couple to try and strengthen your relationship.  

Express gratitude for the little things

Therefore, it is important to express your gratitude for the little things your partner does. This can apply to any number of cases, such as garbage collection, making coffee or sending a nice SMS. And not just once, but every day.

The psychologist suggests making it a nightly ritual and saying thank you to your loved ones for one little thing that he/she did on that day.

Enjoy each other

Truly enjoying the moments you spend with your partner is another strategy that can help maintain a relationship. And here we are talking not only about festive times, such as vacations or birthdays but also all small daily moments, such as watching a movie together or cooking dinner at home. 

Stay interested in your partner

Flash of a spark or recovery of emotional state in the relationship can be as simple as interest in each other.


At the beginning of a relationship, it seems easy to be interested in a partner and focus on the positive, but later in a relationship, when the infatuation fades away, we often mistakenly think that we know everything about our partner. We stop asking them questions and that’s bad.

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