Meditation is your key to success in life meditation is a daily practice of the successful and famous – your key to unlocking your true potential, success, and happiness.



In continuation of yesterday’s topic about the phone as an assistant in meditation, I want to write about meditation in general. About meditation, as one of the most successful practices, perhaps difficult at first, but bringing the most diverse and sometimes unexpected benefits in life.

I must say right away that this is my understanding of meditation, which may not coincide with the opinion of various authorities in this area ))

Meditate in the morning for a fair and successful day

Tim Ferriss emphasized the importance of meditation in achieving success in life in his Tools of the Titans. The fact that ALL of the successful characters described in this book practice meditation in one form or another daily speaks volumes.

In particular, it is a working and handy tool in self-development and human improvement. Not surprisingly, daily meditation practice is one of the critical points in Tim’s morning ritual. To make it easier to familiarize yourself with this practice and successfully improve it, you can use applications like the ones I described in yesterday’s article.

Meditation and mindfulness

For me, meditation and mindfulness are synonymous. The more you are aware during the day, the more often you are 100% immersed in what is happening at this moment, the more you have advanced along the path of meditative practice—being aware means not being distracted by chewing on the past and worrying about the future, fully being aware of what is happening to you here and now.

Ideally – disconnecting the brain from participating in making every minute decisions and connecting intuition (which occurs spontaneously, without any of your participation) to control life. How to achieve this state? One of the simplest ways is to practice 5-10 minutes of mindfulness daily in the morning.

Peace of Mind

Being aware of your breathing in the morning is the simplest thing you can do to move towards a more mindful life. In the morning twilight, with pleasant music or sounds of nature, you sit and watch your breaths in and out.


In the process, you are returning your restless mind from pondering pressing problems and anticipating the upcoming day to become aware of the breathing process. Just sit and do nothing? Yes, that’s right; be attentive and concentrate on one technique – your breathing. What will it give, you ask?

Benefits of daily meditation practice

You are practicing proper prioritization. The most important things are done first. Meditation, seemingly simple in the beginning, will bring incredible changes in your life in the future.

Therefore, 5-10 minutes spent on it at the beginning of each day is the most successful investment of your time that you can make.

You are in a festive mood in the morning. Daily morning practice not only calms the mind but also charges you with positive and enthusiasm for the whole day ahead.

The calm and balanced attitude you acquire after your morning meditation practice extends throughout the day, allowing you to move through life with less resistance while achieving tremendous success.

Breathing awareness – restores calmness and confidence

You have the key to calm down and reduce stress throughout the day quickly. When you feel a growing tension or anxiety, you need to stop and become aware of your breathing. This will automatically bring into your life the calm and serenity you experienced in the morning during the practice.

In a more positive emotional state, you will have more opportunities to make the right decision. Over time, as the depth and duration of the practice of mindfulness increases, clues from your intuition will begin to come to you, helping in solving various life issues.

Intuitive insights that visit you during deep meditation will help you not only effectively solve daily tasks but also begin to push you to develop further and reach a new level of your life.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you treat life like a game, which means you can truly enjoy it.


In parallel with the development of awareness, the degree of your seriousness and self-importance will decrease. You will begin to relate to life easier, not bother with trifles, and not attach importance to what was previously perceived as a “problem.”

You will start to develop an attitude towards life as an exciting game, every day of which is filled with miracles and brings you countless discoveries. You will start to rediscover life and enjoy every moment of it. Just like in childhood, when everything was new to you, everything seemed so wonderful, exciting and mysterious, which it is..

discover new things for yourself

Meditate, become more aware and playful, discover new things for yourself, enjoy life!

A couple of tens of minutes that you can spend on meditation every day is perhaps the best investment of your time in life. As it becomes a daily habit, this simple practice will begin to bring you fruits you never dreamed of. You will start to change.

This means that your life will start to change. Change for the better, paint with new colors, become more exciting and exciting, turn into a fairy tale – into a fairy tale in which everything is possible. Try it; you will like it!

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