How to make your wife happy

Happy wife 

Dear Men  I see so much pain in letters from girls, and I understand that each of you, knowing about the female psyche’s peculiarities, could not solve all these questions. Here are some of the essential things that can significantly help make your wife happier.

How to make your wife happy

Once a woman becomes your wife

Once a woman becomes your wife, you are the Guardian. You are responsible for her emotional state around you. As she is responsible for the fullness of your stomach, so are you for her emotions. Whether you like it or not. If you are not ready to accept a woman’s feelings – don’t get married.


Never leave your crying wife alone. Never! The moment she needs your care most, Especially when the tears are hot. Even if she does not accept it and is angry.


Keep your promises

Don’t go overboard. Trust is built from little things. It’s best not to make promises if you’re not sure you will keep your word.

Take care of her

A woman is used to always giving the maximum Caring and attention to yourself. And very often, she forgets to take care of herself. Take care of her. It is not much more common for men , but this is where it is worth learning to give.

Thank her

Appreciate her work, which is not so visible. Just write down sometime how much she does for you, for the children, for the home. And give thanks, Because it is women’s work that often remains unrecognized.

Admit your mistakes

Know how to admit your mistakes and apologize. In the pursuit of always being right, relationships can be destroyed very quickly. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. Relationships are important. But the main thing is to somehow compensate for her experiences with your actions.

If a woman is offended, it will not resolve itself. Remember this. It will not come out that she will sleep and calm down. It won’t go away by evening, especially if this resentment has a serious reason. We need to talk about this, This must be addressed.

If your woman is silent – this is a symptom that everything is already very neglected. Because silence is the loudest scream, a woman is capable of. This scream destroys her from the inside and your relationship with her.

 Take actions

A woman appreciates actions. A million words mean less than one action. Prove your love with deeds. Do things. And ask for forgiveness, not in words. By actions.

 Don’t hesitate to talk

If your wife is angry with you, then every minute of the quarrel is not in your favor. Every minute you wait for it to dissipate itself only widens the gap between you. There is no need to wait. It won’t work out by itself. It can only collapse. The faster you settle the conflict, the better it is.

A woman can endure for a very long time. But one day, something becomes the last straw. And after that, it is already impossible to stop or return it. After exceeding her limit of patience, she will not be able to stay with you.


A woman tends to take on more than is necessary. And in terms of deeds and duties, and terms of responsibility and guilt. Here you can rejoice and continue loading onto it. But it is much better to free her, unload her, send her to rest.

Take care of your wife

Every woman has two powers – blessing and cursing. And God forbid you to wake up the second. You will not understand why everything is destroyed around. And even if she tries very hard to control these manifestations, success and happiness are possible only in the house where the woman is happy. And each of her tears will return to you like a boomerang.

Special care

If your wife is pregnant, breastfeeding, sitting with a small child, her psyche is millions of times more vulnerable. She is defenseless. Not because she has hormones and is inadequate. She’s just very vulnerable. It’s hard for her emotionally. She needs support and care. A lot of care. The more care she needs to give each day, the more care she needs to receive.


Ask her how she feels, what she would like, how to help her, how to make her happier. Ask if she wants to eat, relax, take a walk. Take an interest in her and what is happening to her.


Even if you have a patient and wise wife, this does not mean that it can be abused. Your task is to take care of her, take care of her. God entrusted her to you. Not to exploit it, to use it. ?But to protect take care of her.


I know that this is all very difficult for you. The male ego interferes; there is no such habit. All this is not accepted, as it is easier for everyone. But if you try, you will understand that no ego can worth her tears and your happiness.

Love your beautiful wife! And they will make your world more beautiful.

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