A complete guide to online earning

Guide to online earning

Let’s be honest. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about money that you get for nothing. It’s okay to want wealth but not want to work. The Internet has always been the closest way to get money to such a rosy reality. But You have to work to make money. But what kind of work it will be is another question.


A complete guide to online earning

The worldwide network gives all the tools to make money without moving yourself from the sofa. You can do this while lying down, while hanging upside down from the chandelier. 


What you need to understand when plunging into the world of information and social networks – all the tools are there. But often, you need to find them, learn to use them, and then learn to use them effectively. And in parallel, separate the grains from the chaff and close the tabs of those tools that offer fraudulent methods in time. There are a dime a dozen of both.

Spend time and effort

The central truth, which applies equally to offline and online – to make money, you need to invest something: either money, time, or energy. To make money, you need to invest money, time, or effort. And most often – two of these three resources.



If you do not invest, you will get minimal results. The most profitable and practical option is to invest time. But support it in knowledge and skills that will make it possible to earn. But very little. And it will take a lot of time. As uncles from business say – it is not profitable, let’s do something else.

Pros and cons of working on the Internet

The pros and cons are individual. Maybe you generally hate computers and smartphones; then, the Internet will become one significant disadvantage for you. Therefore, we took a general cut.

Pros of making money on the Internet

Available to all

Place, time, and schedule are not necessary.

Everyone can learn

Cons of making money on the internet

90% of ways can bring money, which is only enough for a raisin bun

Need constant self-control

Many fraudulent schemes

How to avoid internet scams

Any deception on the worldwide web begins with the fact that you are doing something. You give access to mail, enter the full details of the card, follow the “wormy” link, put your ears under the noodles …

Therefore, the main rule here is one – do not perform actions without first considering what they can even theoretically lead to, especially when it comes to your data and finances.

Think with your head, not wanting money

Evaluate any information with your mind, not emotions, because most fraudulent schemes work precisely on your feelings and desires. Who can resist the offer to get money right away and do nothing at all (well, absolutely

Try to learn about everything

The logic is on the surface – the more you know, the fewer chances fraudsters will have to deceive you. Remember how people who often spend their time on the Internet. They recognize scammers by the very first phrase. But they still have a lot of victims because a massive layer of people knows nothing about it. 

Don’t rely on luck

Exchanges, games for the sale of a currency, and other instruments do not work with luck. People earn there only with knowledge, skills, and experience.

Be vigilant and rely on facts and knowledge, not emotions. And everything will be fine with you.

Earnings without investment

You are investing in something anyway. Either money, or time, or energy. If we talk about whether it is possible to earn money without investing money, yes, it is possible.

Earning money with investments

The Internet is the same space as our real world. And by investing money, you can earn there in the same way. Sale of goods and services, production (even content), customer service, information – all these are types of businesses that you can open on the Internet by investing a certain amount.

You can support both your project and someone else’s. Both options will bring you to profit if you try hard. If you are interested, take a closer look at the earnings methods that we have described below. Among them, some suit you.

why some people even think that this is a myth?

First, let’s figure out why some people even think that this is a myth? Because they failed, alas. Why didn’t it work? Yes, for various reasons. Not enough striving, not enough strength, and so on. But this is not the main thing. 

The main thing is that it is impossible to talk about making money on the Internet more often than about what is possible and not evil. Because those who earn, especially their successes, do not share. This is not only the case with the Internet.


Secondly, it is worth understanding whether you can make decent money. Not a couple thousand in a month? The answer is yes, but as a rule, there is a big difference between these methods. Easy ways will not bring you much profit. And for the sake of money, you will need to try.

What way to make money

First of all, start with what you have. And now, we are not only talking about the money that can be invested. The most valuable resource on the Internet is your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Focus on what you can do

First, focus on what you can do. Then – what you would like to do. Identify the appropriate ways based on these two factors. It will be easier to choose from them. The Internet is the whole universe. There are many ways to make money. But most importantly, when you choose, do not forget to believe in yourself and do not immediately aim at billionaires. It all starts small.

How much can you earn on the Internet?

From zero to infinite. Standard answer. Because you can earn nothing there, or a lot (not infinitely much, of course, but look at those who founded Google, Amazon, and other services).


All this does not matter because as a beginner, common mistake is that they immediately want to see millions. This will not happen. Everyone starts small (and Google and Amazon too). And you start small too.


After all, the Internet’s best feature is that you can increase your income by gaining experience and new knowledge—everything in one place.

Who is suitable for making money on the Internet?

The answer is simple. Anyone who knows how to use the worldwide network. But this is in short. And uninformative. Therefore, let’s single out several categories of people who might find this useful. Perhaps among them, you will find yourself.

School children

What pisses you off the most at school? No, not homework (although she too). It pisses me off that you don’t have your own money. You have to ask your parents for pocket money, and not even think about work.

After all, the lessons are the same. Unlearn first, think later. But this is not the way of a samurai in our times, because there is the Internet, in which 90% of schoolchildren feel like a fish in the water.

Students. It is a little easier for students with earnings, especially for those who do not go to pairs (joke, skipping teams is a bad idea if you want to become a specialist and earn money). Students who no less need money, because they already have to ask their parents “not in a status,” but have to work while studying, the Internet provides many opportunities.


Unfortunately for retirees, the worldwide web is a much more complex space than for the younger generation. But I am glad that aged people find the strength to learn new things, and there are special courses.

People with disabilities

Unfortunately, not all physical limitations allow you to use a computer or phone. However, technologies are developing rapidly, and it is very pleasing that more and more space is found in them for those who are limited in opportunities.

Anyone who needs additional income. Perhaps you have a stable job that makes good money. But there is never a lot of money, and doing various activities is beneficial. Why not find yourself a hobby on the Internet that can be profitable?

Entrepreneurs. Nowadays, a considerable share of business exists only on the Internet. And after 2020, it is advisable to develop any offline business in parallel and online.

We’ve sorted out those who might need our global article. But before moving on to the actual earning options, it is worth reminding everyone that there are many scammers on the Internet. And to save you from them is only your attentiveness and accuracy. But also our tips.

What you don’t need to do on the Internet to make money

Send money as an advance payment to the employer for a work form/test task / confirm intentions. If you are asked to do this, you are faced with scammers in 100% of cases. They collect “from the world on a string,” deceiving a vast number of people. Be careful.

Transfer money from wallet to wallet (yes, there is such a scheme of earning. But earnings are not for you, but for you!).

Participate in any form of pyramid schemes. In any! Understand right away – only the very top earns in the pyramid. All other levels – first have the illusion of making, and then they lose money.

These are projects that gain hyper popularity in a short time but lose it in the same short time. Those who succeed can earn. But, as in the case of financial pyramids, this “someone” will most likely be just the project’s creator.

Invest in binary options and forex. Only those who are very well versed in the system and those who have an economic and financial flair can make money there. Some know how to convince (to convince that it is easy to make money on it).

For you, he will test all earning options. At the same time, he is still positive and believes that he will find a great way to make money. Let’s see what will happen to him in 2 weeks.


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