Tips for Awakening Your Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Our sixth sense is in our subconscious. If we learn to use it, we can improve our relationships with others, help ourselves achieve life goals, and learn a lot.


Tips for Awakening Your Sixth Sense

After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, people reported seeing animals fleeing to higher places in the minutes before the tsunami arrived.

In 2007, there was popular news about a cat who lived in a nursing home and repeatedly jumped on a patient’s bed in the hours before the person died.

It seems that animals have a heightened sixth sense to affect the environment and the people around them subtly. They sense changes in smell and quiet vibration. Some animals can sense and respond to human emotions.

Note that I use the phrase “sixth sense” to refer to any apparent ability to predict future events or communicate and understand things in a psychic way. Scientific research shows that an area of the human brain called the anterior cingulate cortex raises the alarm of danger without ever penetrating consciousness.


Human pheromones serve as chemical messengers that allow us to communicate with other people through our sense of smell subtly. We all sometimes experience the power of intuition in making decisions in our lives.

This quote from a psychodynamics website (the study of cognitive, subconscious, and primary neurological responses to sensory input and experience) resonates with my opinion as an explanation of our sixth sense :

We tend to experience a higher level of our intuition as dozens of conscious insights, subconscious memories, and feelings converge to bring forth a final understanding that usually goes beyond conscious computation or cognitive explanations.


Everything we studied, observed, and felt gathered in a nanosecond at the moment when we need information. Anything that makes us who we are can serve us on a very complex level, which seems to be an extrasensory perception, but it is an act of our sixth sense.

Regardless of whether these abilities can be explained by science or not, there is ample evidence that they exist to one degree or another in all of us. If you agree with this, then I believe the most important thing is how we use these abilities, whether they positively impact our lives.

Unlike animals, most people have a poorly developed sixth sense because we don’t pay much attention. We are so distracted by everything that surrounds us that we miss the intricacies of our subconscious mind or ignore the messages spreading around our pheromones.

The modern technological society has taught us to seek answers rather than pay attention to the many more natural sources of information. As a result, our sixth sense atrophied. But if we always paid attention to these sources, I think that our life could be different. Our world could be different.

Using our sixth sense, our choices and decisions would be more reliable and well-grounded. We would feel and understand the possible outcomes and deeper meaning. Our relationships and interactions with other people would change as we become more aware of mood and behavior nuances.

If we combined the sixth sense with logic and with our other five senses, we could use the full power of our natural abilities in many aspects of our life.

Looking back at the 2004 tsunami before the big wave hit, it wasn’t just animals that fled.

Before the tsunami came, local tribes in Sri Lanka also fled to higher lands.

With nearly 60,000 years of contact with the natural environment, these indigenous peoples imitated animals, and almost all survived.

These are people who are independent of technology and must rely on their sixth sense to survive. Even some non-indigenous people, like you and me, have a supernatural ability to sense and respond to the sixth sense.

We’ve all heard stories of psychic phenomena, prophetic dreams, or just random events, like knowing that someone is going to call before the phone rings. I have had dozens of such cases. But I didn’t take full advantage of my abilities. I ignored it.

After my research for this article, I was overwhelmed. I have ignored, or at least diminished, the precious resource that I have at my fingertips. Many of the situations our sixth sense points out to us could be life-changing!

There are many ways to tune in and awaken your sixth sense and apply its guidance and wisdom in your life. I want to share some of them with you.

Eight ways to awaken your sixth sense:


If you don’t stop in our daily hustle and bustle, you will not be able to focus on your sixth sense and subtle messages sent to you by other people.

Try not to fill your life with so much information when you are too busy; try to stop and hear what your sixth sense is telling you.

Don’t let this psychic gift go unrevealed.


Have you ever met someone and immediately felt uncomfortable?

Did you feel that someone is looking at you?

Did you have a sense of danger before something terrible happened?

Even if you feel silly or frivolous, don’t ignore these signals. Take appropriate action, especially if you sense danger. Your sixth sense is triggered; you receive messages from your subconscious or warned by some very subtle physical change or sensation.


If you’re looking for a solution to a problem, trying to make a decision, or need a creative idea, go to a quiet place where no one can interfere. Take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. Then ask the question to your subconscious. Sit quietly and wait 10 or 15 minutes.

If you have not received an immediate answer from your sixth sense, continue asking the question further, not in this place, but before going to bed, when you wake up, or when you are in the car while driving. Eventually, the strengths and patterns of all your feelings, insights, and memories will converge to guide you.


Your dreams are powerful subconscious dramas that play out while you sleep. They offer insight into your daily problems and life events through archetypal images and symbols.

To awaken and develop your sixth sense, do some research, and read dream interpretations so you can take full advantage of all the messages and psychological support your dreams provide.

Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams as soon as you remember them.


Writing is a compelling way to engage your subconscious mind and strengthen your sixth sense.

Keep a notebook in which to write down thoughts that come to you without much attention or intention.

I often start writing by asking, “What do I need to learn today?” You will be amazed at what will be noted in your paper!

Don’t analyze it while you are just writing. Write, even if it seems pointless. Close your notebook and wait a day, then you can read what you have written.

Like a dream, your sixth sense can give you information that makes more sense to you than if you did not write it down in a notebook but were guided only by your knowledge.


Your subconscious, sixth sense, and dreams send you messages regularly. Try sending messages now!

Visualize what you want to achieve or your ultimate goal (you can use a goal board ).

Speak your intentions out loud as if they are already real.

Reinforce your desires with your subconscious mind so that it can help you realize what you want.

I am not suggesting any magic. If you plant a subconscious seed, your mind and senses will help the seed germinate and blossom.


Be wholly engrossed in conversation when listening to someone. Pay attention not only to words but also to facial expressions, smells, gestures, and mood.

Read the face, not just the content of the language. In interpersonal and business relationships, it is a dynamic and rewarding ability.

Some of these non-verbal cues are easy to understand, but other subtleties require a sixth sense. Pay attention to this.


When you spend time in nature, you stimulate and rekindle your sixth sense, located in some dormant parts of our brain; in ancient people, they were necessary for survival.

You turn back into the natural order and create a heightened sensitivity to the inter connectedness of all living things. You are filling your sixth sensory tank.

When you return to the modern world, you have more information you need.

If you are interested in awakening and developing your sixth sense further, follow these tips. By learning to hear your subconscious mind, your sixth sense will help you change many aspects of your life.

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