OneCoin Exchange Newsletter With Big Dream

OneCoin Exchange Newsletter With Big Dream

OneCoin Exchange Newsletter With Big Dream


I want to emphasize that this month has been different, filled with some of the challenges associated with the adoption of this One Ecosystem. But I ask you not to take it for granted that we were just 12 months ago. Come to think of it, the new system was launched around the same time last year, and we shouldn’t take the current position for granted. More importantly, we definitely cannot take for granted people who have stood the test of time to help us get into this position now. I appreciate and need a special mention of all those who have stood their ground through the ups and downs, battle after battle, and kept the faith. I thank you; it is because of you that we are here. Anyone who stood high should be “patted on the back.”

I was just reminded by Mr. Adil and Mr. Bloomer about where we were last year and how amazing it is that we were able to keep everything together despite 2 months of inability to admit people into the system due to the emergence of the migration process. which we no longer have to face. Now we can look back and say, “Wow, what’s the difference today!”

Given this thought of today’s differences, the question arises: how big is your dream? I learned from one of my mentors, Mr. Dexter Yager: “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.” Some people want to rely solely on facts and their thoughts, but I know that if the dream gets big enough, the facts and what people think is the decision don’t count. Because the solution is a dream, and when the dream comes, you won’t let anyone steal it. It doesn’t matter what you run into, what the person is, and what is happening. You don’t slow down or stop because everything is unfair and you don’t like the way someone is acting. No! If you stop, then everything will stop and nothing will happen!

But someone needed to continue, and I want to congratulate everyone who continued and didn’t take this project for granted. So, I tell you, we also shouldn’t take this moment for granted. We must benefit from this because many will try to benefit from what YOU need. You have to see it for what it is – see the situation clearly and activate yourself. Don’t demotivate yourself! Activate to work. Cheer up and be happy knowing where we are today, remembering how far we must go.

Indeed and sincerely, the “Attitude of Gratitude” that was discussed in the newsletter in September 2020 needs to be emphasized again today. Don’t take yourself, leadership, the Eagle Agenda, 26 Steps to Success, and this One Ecosystem for granted. Don’t take the little things for granted, because that way you value more much more.

And guess what? More is here, more is ahead of us, more is who we are! We are the largest in this industry and we are going to be the largest in the world, no matter what people say. This, my friends, is a guarantee … if it depends on me …

But it’s not just me – it’s more than me. It is you and everyone in this system who give this guarantee, because our dream is big enough – Regardless of the facts!

Let’s live the life of the Unified Ecosystem because it adds more life! I praise, appreciate, and suggest that you do not take for granted the guidance that brought you to this post, friends. I love you, admire and respect you! Let’s do it!
Yours truly and captain,
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