OneCoin Big Announcement In Europe First Country Board

OneCoin Big Announcement In Europe First Country Board

OneCoin Big Announcement In Europe First Country Board

IST Country Board

We are excited to announce our new country board in Europe. – in Italy and Asia’s first country board – from Thailand! We are really showing that the coronavirus situation or restrictions cannot stop our plans and successful work! These two teams are from opposite sides of the world, but they are very similar.

They are driving our network especially with lots of Dealshaker deals and big events/expos!!! It was great to be able to share ideas and plans with old friends about new strategies and structures for the future.

We hope these two countries will continue to do so with the very good deal of the Dealshaker platform and the deployment of the same One Academy training. I’m sure you will lead! In Italy we have the following members of this first and interim Italian National Commission:

💞💞 Franca Cavaggioni Onelife Blue Diamond, especially of all large-scale events and training for the Dealshaker. It is the main organizer.

💞💞 Anna Maria Pastore, Onelife Diamond, 1000 A huge number of deals with downline and 100 excellent traders…

💞💞Francesca Arcolin, Onelife Diamond, Dealshaker, Specialist in Veneto area

💞💞Maria Grazie Baretta, Blue Diamond, especially Top Organizer of All Events and Education in Lombardy Region

💞💞Tsoni Goranov, Onelife Blue Diamond, Italy Top organizers of many events and training across the country

💞💞Carmelo Selis, Onelife Diamond, Dealshaker Specialist, Organizer of various events and training

💞💞Fabrizio Ghezzi, Onelife Diamond, organizer of events and training.

💞💞Oliviero Malatesta, Onelife Diamond, Even and Training Manager and Organizer

💞💞Gianpaolo Olive, Onelife Diamond, many Organizers and participants of international events and expos.

Message from the Italian Country Board 

In Italy we are committed and continue to work every day to provide a vision to hundreds of thousands of people are organizing.

Our offices are located in Verona, northeast Italy, the center of all MLM business in Italy. Maintained and paid for by the Miatton family over the past three years. The office is very important to our business in Italy. The Mitton family’s hotel and restaurant Villabella and Hotel Cangrande created their first coupons on August 3, 2017, and all transactions have always been processed with 100% Onecoin to date. There are over 70,000 people who have used the service with 100% Onecoins.

Currently, the Italian team is not only in Italy but also in 7 other European countries.

We have thousands of IMAs. black diamond 1

(Mr. Luca Miatton)

Blue Diamond 7

Diamond 21

Emerald 51

Ruby 148

Sapphire 609

More than 65000 IMAs

Various expositions have been held in Italy, but following the example of our Romanian colleagues, a very large expo was organized in November 2019, which was a huge boost to the community and the law enforcement authorities who watched it. reality. Over 6000 people from all over the world in 3 days

People passed, there was a march of about 100 people. can see many 

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