How to save money with a small salary

Save money with a small salary

Everyone dreams of financial independence. It is known that it is possible only with the accumulation and investment of funds. Therefore, today you need to start doing this, even if the salary is very small.

How to save money with a small salary

Budgeting is one of the most important conditions, and expenses must be taken into account every day, every week and every month. Precisely because the income is small, it is necessary to save not the traditional 10%, but all 20.

Be creative

This part of the salary should immediately settle on a bank card, a deposit, etc. Useful: where to get money for investments? You need to set yourself a goal to save at least another 10% within a month when shopping.

The simplest example: instead of the traditional 1 kg of sugar, you can buy 800 g, instead of a pound of sausage, take 400 g, etc. The damage to food is almost imperceptible, and a penny to a penny will accumulate.


For the sake of future financial well-being, you should temporarily stop visiting bars, clubs and other entertainment. It is very useful to conduct an audit of the house from time to time. Everyone has things that have not been useful for a long time, but they can be useful to someone for a symbolic price.

By placing an ad on the Internet, they can be sold, and the proceeds can be put into a “piggy bank”. It is imperative to find a side job in the form of performing any one-time services, this is a good way to quickly increase savings.


How to save with a small salary Money has become a top priority in life (not really). Everyone, with their help, satisfies their needs, makes their dreams come true. Spending them we envy the rich, although we ourselves do not suspect that we could be in their place if we knew how to save.

Money loves cheerful people

It is quite possible to come to wealth yourself with the help of a competent budget allocation. You yourself can control your expenses, save a certain amount of money just for fun. Money loves cheerful people. The person who goes to his favorite job, leads a healthy lifestyle, has good friends and harmony in the family is positive.

Read how the richest people in the world got up

Read how the richest people in the world got up – learn from examples. Distribution of money. In the first place is the rent and you have to pay it, so you won’t be able to save on it. Then comes the food.

meat can be replaced with stew

The meat can be replaced with stew because it will come out cheaper. Before buying and using it, you should make sure of the manufacturer’s reliability and the corresponding shelf life, because cheap does not mean high quality. It is better to replace semi-finished products with natures. product – minced meat. Homemade baked goods can take the place of store-bought pastries.

Learn to cook

It is beneficial and helps save money You need to buy clothes, shoes if old clothes or shoes are “out of use” and cannot be “repaired” (sewn up, glue with super glue so that this thing will still serve you for a long time), and do not take a thing just because you liked it in color or style, especially if you already have one in your wardrobe.

Not necessary to chase fashion

It is not necessary to chase fashion, because it bites your wallet very well, and after a large-scale shopping, you think how to get away from the evil guy from whom you took money to buy one thing, and bought it for five or four packages. you don’t wear better sell.

Turn off the light when you leave the room, use energy-saving light bulbs, use a regular kettle instead of an electric kettle, gas is cheaper. We also use water in large quantities and more often in vain.

Spend money wisely

How to spend money wisely and learn to save Buying less popular brands instead of brands. Study the composition of the products, take what is cheaper. Learn to knit or sew, take special courses, do not worry, these courses will pay off later, in the sense that if you decide to start additional earnings if your job does not bring enough money for life.

Save additional earnings for investment (buying fabrics, yarn, or some other additional thing that will allow you to expand your portfolio) After all, every needlewoman should have her own portfolio in order to accept orders from customers.

This is how businessmen started their business. You can start saving a certain amount in a bank account at a certain percentage. After all, this percentage will also be a profit. You will not only save money, but also increase it.

Many rich people started small and went on to achieve great success. Start thinking like a rich person and you will become one.

 A spectacular trick to save money

This article will be of interest to those people who, at least once in their life, have thought about unnecessary, not thoughtful purchases. After all, many of us acquired a thing or object that turned out to be completely useless, not practical and just gathered dust on the shelf. 

There is one method that allows you to save and accumulate savings. With the help of this technique, you will have the opportunity to save money for a rainy day. The essence of the method lies in the fulfillment of two conditions.

The first of them is at the end of each day to “zero” your funds to two zeros. For example, we have 6745 rubles in cash and 32,589 rubles on the card account. In practice, the fulfillment of this condition looks like this: we equate cash to 6,700 rubles (the remainder is 45 rubles) and 32,500 rubles on the card (the remainder is 89 rubles).

With a strong desire and opportunity, you can “zero” the balance of funds to three zeros. For example, cash – 6,000 rubles (the remainder is 745 rubles). The second prerequisite is the transfer of the savings of all “zeroed” money, namely the balance in the piggy bank every day. 

In our case, for the day we set aside 45 rubles and 89 rubles from the card, 134 rubles are sent to the piggy bank. One can only imagine what will accumulate at the end of the month. Using this technique to save money, every morning you will understand how much money is left before your paycheck.

You will consciously start spending without being exchanged for trifles and nonsense, and there is a real way to save money for what you have dreamed of for so long! Good luck!

Family budget

Know the exact number of your income. If the salary consists of a salary and a floating bonus, you are a freelancer – it is important to determine the average monthly income. Calculate the payments for the last year or at least six months and calculate the average monthly income. 

Look at which month the income was the highest, remember what was done, and, of course, determine what caused the minimum income. Are you missing a salary? You are not alone – up to 90% of the country’s population sometimes experience similar difficulties.

Set goals

Set goals and when you receive a salary, immediately set aside part of this goal. It is advisable to put it aside in a bank account – there is interest and it is more difficult to withdraw – there is less temptation to waste everything. How to learn to save wages?

Never go to the store right after your paycheck. Spend much more than you wanted! Having received my salary, I immediately pay off the loans – it turns out earlier than the prescribed period, usually I pay more – this way I reduce the over payment.

When there was a large credit load, he immediately left money for food, for the rest he repaid loans – this is how he learned to live frugally and paid off some debts ahead of schedule.

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