How To OneCoin Exchange In The American Stock Exchange

 How To OneCoin Exchange In The American Stock Exchange 

How To OneCoin Exchange In The American Stock Exchange

 How To OneCoin Exchange In The American Stock Exchange 



As the World continues to experience the impact of the pandemic, which has led to tremendous negative economic consequences. As a result, many people are looking for genuine answers on how to navigate the financial crisis and take advantage of opportunities that exist during this period.

Level 2: Introduction to Financial Markets 2-The Stock Market

At level 1, the anteroom of the world of finance was introduced, after the most critical categories in the field, manual assets were also examined at level 1 At this level 2 the focus is on how these assets work. This will be done by viewing specific locations where transactions are carried out with such shares – The financial markets. This level also delves into some more details in explaining this phenomenon such as supply and demand that occur in the market and how they affect how their portfolios are set.

Therefore, we continue to see the facilitators of trades – this week is AMEX and other exchanges.

AMEX and other exchanges

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) was once the third-largest stock market in the US, measured by trade volume. There are sixteen stock exchanges in the world that have a market capitalization of more than US$ 1 trillion each. Sometimes they are referred to as the “$ 1 trillion clubs “. Some exchanges include companies from outside the United States of America where the exchange is located.

What the OneCionAcademy says: Page 10.

Before NASDAQ rose in prominence, attracting lists of some major tech companies on the planet, the second-largest stock market in the world was the US Stock Exchange (AMEX). Just at the end of the previous century, AMEX was purchased by the National Association of Securities Dealers. Apart from the three exchanges, there are many more institutions of this kind, in which they are the shares and bonds of listed companies…. the London or LSE Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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ONECOIN Transaction

If you want to change in transaction ONE APPLY 1,000 ONECOIN, how will the process be?

When using ONE APP’s SWAP, you must first pay ETHEREUM’s GAS in order for you to have your ONECOIN transaction. In this case, it would look like this;

1,000 * 45 EUR = 45,000

45,000 EUR = 1.62 BITCOIN

45,000 EUR = 24.96 ETH

To access this exchange, you have to pay 1,000 in GAS, less than 2 hours process and you have your chance.

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OneCoin Exchange available in New Gas Packages

*Back Office News- New Gas Packages

We are glad to introduce you out


which are now available in your Shop section:

* 50 000 GAS will cost 30 000 EUR

* 100 000 GAS will cost 52 000 EUR

You can use the payment options available in your Portal as such:

1. 75/25 – 75% paid via cash account and 25% paid via Bank Wire Transfer or BTC

2. 50/50 – 50% paid via ONEs and 50% paid via Bank Wire Transfer or BTC

3. 100% Bank Wire Transfer or BTC

Adding Back Office Dashboard Features Continues


Now Shows Available Splits and Maximum Splits on your packages.

The Percentage: which gives an indication of the proximity of the next split!


Gives the value of the Tokens!


This means that DealShaker Merchants has a tool to assist with setting their price point Fiat/ONE’s ratios for goods and services.

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