OneCoin Exchange Confirmed With Education & Europe Tour

OneCoin Exchange Confirmed With Education & Europe Tour

OneCoin Exchange Confirmed With Education & Europe Tour

OneCoin Exchange With Education

I want to share with you, my feelings on this. Many are for what we are doing as it relates to building the brand and creating a Transparent System based on the Heart of the Company, which is Education, the foundation for the people. Then, there are some people who want to live in the past and continue to carry a stigma disguised as “Education” but leaning more on the side of “Investment”.


For me, we must be extremely careful about how we position ourselves in this changing climate, where everyone is looking for a reason to attack the truth. We are the One Ecosystem, and it is the Rise of the Truth: Untouched and Unblemished. Because we possess this truth, we must protect it at all costs. I know that, when it is all said and done, those who have different ideas and concepts and those who trusted the process would all smile and be happy.


I am saying all of this to say to you, my friends, colleagues and in some cases even my nemesis’, everyone reading this today, the end goal is more important than me, you or anyone person. An end goal is a collective group of all of us striving for success. I believe we will find this success if we bind together, build together, and become one.

Rise of the OneCoin Ecosystem

There is no greater event for us to come together at, than The Rise of the One Ecosystem in Bulgaria this coming July. I want to encourage you to put everything in place and come to be recognized at this event. I want to encourage you to get to the Diamond Rank cross the Stage be that Eagle crossing the Stage. Whether it is the 6-month, 3-month, or 1-month Eagle, get to the event and show that you have what it takes. Show that you know how to portray your belief: By Your Actions.


European Tour

With that being said, I am currently on the European Tour. I do wish it could have been a physical meeting, but it is virtual via Zoom. Over the course of this entire week, I will be promoting and spreading the Rise of the OneCoin Ecosystem, while also explaining where we are heading.  You may have noticed that the Logos have been updated, enhanced, and refreshed. They are ready for an explosion! We are going to paint the World with One Ecosystem. There is the Company Logo and the IMA Logo, which would be used appropriately and strategically. On my tour, I would explain the significance of the Logos as I continue to help elevate the way we want to go: The Top!


Your humble servant and Captain signing out,

King James


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