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To make sure everyone is safe and healthy, getting a Covid certificate in Pakistan has become a necessity after the Covid-19 outbreak. In case you are fully or partially vaccinated, you can request a Covid certificate at NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination NADRA.



The presence of Covid-19 certificates eases travel restrictions, and you will travel within cities and across multiple countries without the need to stay in isolation for 2 weeks. However, many countries have banned people from entering their country without proof of a covid vaccine.

So you probably haven’t got any coronavirus certificate, we will introduce you the best way to get Covid certificates in Pakistan now. Let’s start!

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NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination COVID certificates in Pakistan

To purchase a vaccination certificate, you can go to any NADRA (National Database and Regulatory Authority) center closest to you. Because of this, you can check the list of NADRA providers on the official NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination website.

  • Go to the NADRA workplace in your home space.
  • In case you are Afghan, replace your CNIC card or proof of residence card (POR).
  • Wait on your flip
  • Pay the value of Rs.100 for the certification.
  • Obtain your covid-19 vaccination certificates from NADRA.
  • Online Certificates NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination COVID

NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination

Second, you can obtain vaccination certificates in Pakistan from the National Immunization Management System (NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination) website. You can order and purchase NIMS vaccination certificates online.

  • Go to the official NIMS website
  • Enter the amount of your CNIC or the amount of your card POR
  • Choose when you could have earned a CRC Teen certificate
  • CNIC Date of problem
  • Enter the Captcha.
  • And click the Confirm button.

Go to any nearby store

Third, federal authorities have made the tactic of buying vaccination certificates very useful. You can go to any nearby retailer, which offers Covid certificates with the minimum value of Rs. 100/- You will receive the certificates in 24 or 48 hours from the center. You can update your National Computer Identity Card (CNIC) in the name of the person who has the license; they can register your CNIC on your behalf and can usually generate certificates that you can shortly acquire from them.

How can residents from all over the world purchase COVID vaccination certificates in Pakistan?

Likewise, residents and residents abroad can apply for the issuance of NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination Covid certificates in Pakistan online. They should follow these simple steps:

  • To get started, go to the official NIMS website
  • Enter the amount of your passport
  • Enter the captcha
  • Lastly, assert
  • Pay together with your credit/debit card, or you can pay at any nearby e-Sahulat franchise.

COVID-19 Go App Vaccination Package Offer

Additionally, the Pakistani government has launched a vaccination app where people can carry digital Covid certificates of their vaccination. You can get this app:

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You can get the certificates on your cellular system

In addition, it is possible to scan the QR code to confirm the certificates immediately.

It is essential to use this app while traveling to Pakistan or a particular country. It helps you keep your certificates on your cell phone and can replace it when required by authorities. You cannot travel on the M2 motorway with an M tag and Covid certificates.

Does the precise resolution to request corrections within the vaccination certificates?

If there may be an error on the immunization certificates, you can take ownership of that error by visiting the NADRA office or online at the official NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination website. Take a look at these simple steps.

Residents and Afghans can file a complaint about bug fixes using the Internet.

Nadra vaccination card

  • Go to the official NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination website
  • Enter the 14-digit CNIC number
  • Enter the date of issuance of the CNIC
  • Subsequently, he selected a cellular operator
  • Enter the amount of your mobile
  • Clear the captcha
  • Finally, click the Submit button

You will receive a wide range of complaints against your CNIC on your mobile. Also, you can see the position of your critic.

Vaccination card Nadra

  1. Go to the official NADRA NIMS websiteEnter your CNIC amount
  2. Then enter the amount of criticism.
  3. Lastly, click on the ship.

How can residents around the world hijack vaccination data in Pakistan?

  • Also, residents in RA NIMS website:
  • Enter the amount of your Passport
  • Enter the criticism as to the amount
  • Finally, click submit.

After the repair, you will get the Covid certificates from the official website and reserve them on your cell phone. Lastly, you can upgrade as you go or go where strict SOPs exist.

Test your COVID certificates

Also, residents of Pakistan and residents abroad can affirm vaccination certificates from NIMS and NADRA. Verification is normally necessary for particular documentation needs, especially when traveling abroad. The tactic of checking vaccination certificates can also be very useful and time-saving. So let’s take a look at how Covid certificates can be confirmed!

  • To get started, go to the official NIMS website:
  • Enter the amount of your Covid certificates
  • Clear captcha
  • Finally, click the Confirm button

Similarly, residents from all over the world can validate their Covid certificates by following the same process as residents of Pakistan.

  • Go to the official NIMS website
  • Enter the amount of your Covid certificates
  • Clear captcha
  • Finally, click the Confirm button

Definitive ideas

Lastly, Pakistan Covid Registration Certificates, Pakistan Covid Vaccination Certificates and their NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination verification are useful for everyone. You can apply online and save the certificates on your cell phone. In addition, you must buy a digital Covid certificate and take it with you during your trips, verifying it immediately using the QR code.

What are NADRA immunization certificates?

Pakistani vaccination certificates are proof that you have taken one or both doses of any vaccine authorized in the country. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has confirmed that it will issue certificates for single and double dose coronavirus vaccines.

As only Pakistani residents aged 18 and over who are fully vaccinated can travel domestically and internationally, this is how NADRA vaccination certificates can be obtained in Pakistan.

How can I obtain NADRA vaccination certificates?

From the heart of NADRA

Residents pay 100 PKR at their nearest NADRA center to collect their certificates individually. A complete list of NADRA providers with addresses and hours can be obtained at

NADRA covid vaccine certificates online

Alternatively, vaccinated residents can navigate to the NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination website and enter the number of CNICs and the date of the problem. They will get their COVID-19 vaccination certificates after paying 100 PKR by debit or bank card (grasp or visa) or at a nearby e-Sahulat franchise.

NIMS has also revealed the address on the entry of vaccination certificates:

  • Go to the NIMS website
  • Click on the “Corona Vaccine Certificates” button and enter the required data
  • If you have entered all the mandatory data, proceed to the speed
  • Full load
  • Print the payment receipt and click continue
  • Take into account the data
  • Get your certificates

If you would like to reprint your immunization certificates, go to the NIMS Nadra Gov Pk Vaccination website and re-enter your information. Instead of step 2, where it asks you to enter more data, it will take you to the option to print again.

Is the resolution required to obtain booster dose certificates?

The National Operations Command Center (NCOC) states that booster dose certificates will be obtained following this process through NADRA with the additional dose entered into it. See our article on booster doses in Pakistan for additional information related to the booster dose schedule in Pakistan.

How can I alter the fancy print on vaccination certificates?

You can change certain information on your vaccination certificates (your title if there is a misspelling, passport number or nationality, for example) by visiting the website and re-entering your information. You will then be directed to the online webpage where you can click the “modify certificate information” option and re-enter your information correctly.

The rest of the method is similar: enter your card details, pay PKR 100, and get your certificates.

You will have the D vaccine, go to the hyperlink

You can appropriate them by submitting a request

abroad can now register their vaccination report in the country’s national database by sharing their data with the National Administration System

and click ‘Confirm’.

You will now be able to confirm your NADRA vaccination certificates.

NADRA Vaccine Certificate Complaints

If you have any criticism or concern with the fine print on your immunization certificates, you can file a complaint with NADRA. To show the validity of your criticism:

  • Go to
  • Enter your passport and the amount of the review
  • View the status of your review
  • COVID-19 Go App Vaccination Package Offer

The National Coronary Heart Command and Operations (NCOC) in collaboration with NADRA has launched the ‘Pak COVID-19 Vaccination Go App’. The device has been developed to make it easier for people to have their digital certificates of vaccination against COVID-19.

Customers can get their COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued through NADRA and reserve it on their mobile phone. Digital certificates are official proof of vaccination against COVID-19, which is required to travel within and outside the country. Using the QR code, the digital certificates will be instantly verified.


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