Latest Update OneCoin Global Board and Management

Latest Update OneCoin Global Board and Management

Latest Update OneCoin Global Board and Management

OneCoin Global Board and Management

Dear The International Mine Action Standards,


It is my pleasure to inform you of some of the results, benefits, improvements, we are currently doing.


You have already read the above exciting stories, which we will receive from now until the next three months – DOUBLE BONUS.


That’s the Latest Detail

This is just the beginning of the many miracles we will be preparing for and planning for the future. Soon, you will be informed weekly, as the IT team continues to fill in our new ideas.


Something I can guarantee, in a month from now – you will all be very happy and excited, full of progressive power – like us, on the Global Board and in management !!!


Today, I’m going to be open about part of the new concept and how we plan to set up our Network.


You will better understand how independent we are now, even if we have the best support the Company has promised.


We’ll Arrange Country Boards!


How is it legal to do that?


I will try to explain briefly, but clearly. For more information – we will work with our top leaders in each country or region


Country Boards


The number of members will depend on the size of the Network in a particular country/region… it can be 3,5,7 or 9 members.



In each country where we work hard enough to be able to establish an Office and other important support for partners !!!


Who can join the board?

Loyal leaders who have built a network of partners in the past and/or trained them. Or The International Mine Action Standards with the utmost respect from the Network in that country/region!



We will start by establishing an interim board – until there are enough leaders, with specific outcomes and skills, to take on the responsibilities of all The International Mine Action Standards in that country/region, regardless of which party is involved.


Work and Exactly

Get state / regional legal ideas from a reputable and experienced lawyer at the Law / Law Office – as a first step !!!


(Opinion of legal experts, per country/region, on Network Marketing / Multiple Marketing Levels, Online Education, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Trading, Corporate and Corporate Taxes (or, if necessary, to register a single organization in certain countries/regions, etc.) .)


  •  Data and information processing (both methods: top-down and bottom)
  • Office planning, in the future, with legal work and even One Academy Education and DealShaker Training classes!
  •  Organizing state-of-the-art (online and offline) national/regional meetings.
  • Organizing community events!
  • Conduct research and prepare reports on specific conditions/conditions!
  • To make requests and suggestions for improvement in the work or how they can be better funded.
  • Monthly reports on results, costs, and other issues

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