Incoming Call Lock Apk

Incoming Identity Lock is the right security app to lock incoming title available on play store. This may be a utility that is better to have. This utility will protect your phone’s incoming title from being chosen by someone else. This utility will not allow anyone to see the caller’s number, title, or other details, as the password entry screen will likely be on the screen. Incoming Title Blocking gives you the flexibility to use it on your route.


  • ** Allow/Disable blocking of incoming titles
  • ** You may decide on pattern lock or password lock as your lock screen display.
  • ** No one can talk to your incoming calls by screening calls using headsets.
  • ** Identify auto logout if wrong password is tried three times.
  • ** Name Sort Block Settings: All, Recognized, Unknown, Chosen
  • ** Current Title Settings
  • ** Identify lock
  • ** Prevention of title lock to be removed by the renderer.
  • ** Lock screen background can be chosen from gallery or get 6 backgrounds.
  • ** Pattern visibility settings.
  • ** Fingerprint unlock

Incoming Identity Pin Locker protects your incoming title from being picked by someone else.
This software program will not allow others to see the title, amount or
another person in particular. The password display screen appears on incoming calls to cover all the important points regarding the caller. You can protect your incoming calls using each pattern lock and PIN code security. This app also allows the person to protect all incoming calls, unknown contacts or only for selected contacts. Using this app will protect your incoming calls by selecting password lock or pattern lock.


* Allow/disable title lock capability
* Place title lock on all your contacts or just some specific ones or all unknown contacts.
* Security: Contains all lock patterns and PIN code.
* You can simply change the password
* Good guy

Methods to use:

* Initially set your pattern or passcode to protect your incoming calls.
* Then enable the shared lock button.
* Then try one of the many radio buttons to allow blocking of all contacts, unknown contacts, or selected contacts.

Methods to uninstall the app:

Go to Settings -> Security -> Gadget Management -> and uncheck Incoming ID Locker -> Select Disable… after which uninstall the Incoming ID Locker utility.

▶ Block incoming title

You may have complete privacy for your incoming calls by setting your private password
Protect your incoming title along with your digital footprint
(*Fingerprint lock is barely supported on Android 6.0 system with fingerprint sensor)

▶ Cover Caller ID / Rename Caller ID

You can change or cover the title or quantity of the caller in the incoming title program

▶App lock

Protect your phone data, text messages, photos, videos, etc. with WhatsApp and Facebook
Use your fingerprint to lock favorite apps
(*Fingerprint lock is barely supported on Android 6.0 system with fingerprint sensor)

▶ Take a picture of the intruder

Is someone snooping on your phone? Couchgram will catch them for you.

▶Speed ​​Boost (Memory Boost)

Clean your memory and speed up your system.
“Speed ​​up your phone with booster”

▶Identify automatic file deletion

Prefer to hide your title information? Register a contact to automatically delete title information.

▶Incoming names wallpapers

Classify your preferences by selecting distinctive wallpapers with incoming names.
Try to determine from the photographs that capture your favorite moments.”

▶ Privacy display screen filter

Use the privacy viewing filter to prevent others from viewing your screen
(*Decreases screen brightness dimming than it could with the default brightness setting on Android.)

▶Permission required

Gadget & App History – Permission Required to Lock App
Identification: Permission is required to install the appliance.
Contacts – Permission Required for Incoming ID Blocking
SMS: permission is required to switch to instant messaging through a reputation
Cell Phone: Permission Required for Computerized File Deletion


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