How to make money with BitCoin on Cash App

How to make Money with BitCoin on Cash App

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Today I’m working to explain to you how to purchase and trade Bitcoin utilizing the money by App. The money app is a pure app by a group called an intersection. So if you have eternally gained anything similar to a social shop, they presumably have that light information on the top of their iPad or their iPhone that your swipe you card completed. Anyways, that identical business has an app called money and the money app now empowers you to get and exchange Bitcoin. So in this article, we’re going to argue about how to do that and also some of the positives and films of applying this app to buy your Bitcoin. Okay, so here we are on the money app.

Login With Money App

I have previously signed up and logged in. So if you haven’t signed up. And, Once you’ve signed up, you’ll come to this article where you can request or pay people type in the amount, and then hit request or pay that’s going to open up your contacts and you’re going to be able to send it to people. But what we’re talking about today is Bitcoin purchases. Now in the top left, we can tap that and go to our profile.

Purchased Bitcoin With Money App

we can see that I have $0 in cash in here and about $1 in Bitcoin, you can also get a custom card that works exactly like a debit card. Let me go back on the top right side of the cover, there’s a little time you can tap on that. And it’s going to show your history and all I’ve done on here is purchase $1 and Bitcoin so it looks like it added cash to my account, and then it purchased the Bitcoin. And if I tap on that, it’s gonna show the full history I purchased $1 Bitcoin at 3 pm today, and if we tap on the dots in the top right, it’s gonna say the exact amount of Bitcoin the exchange rate, there were zero fees and it cost me $1, they might be charging zero fees by increasing the price of bitcoin a little bit, don’t quote me on that. 

Bitcoin Company & Money App

But I do think some companies do that. Now to access the Bitcoin screen, what we want to do is tap on the money in Bitcoin at the top of the screen, and this is how we would add money to the app, and then in the top right, we can go to Bitcoin, and then we can just tap in the left tap in the right and kind of cycle between these, once we go to the Bitcoin, it’s gonna say like what’s happened the chart over a year, month, week and day. 

How much your Bitcoin is worth up at the top of the screen?

How much your Bitcoin is worth up at the top of the screen? and then down at the bottom, we can hit buy. And then we have this slider to say how much we want to buy, and buy another dollar, hit by activate my touch ID confirm your purchase a Bitcoin at an exchange rate of $8,013 per BTC. And then all I would need to do is hit confirm, and it’s going to immediately give me that Bitcoin. 

However, I’m going to close this out. And if we see right here on the screen, we can see that the current price of bitcoin is 7910. And when I was just about to buy that it was giving me a higher exchange rate. So that’s how I think they’re getting away with zero fees, something is going on there, it’s not a big deal, but there is something there. 

And if we wanted to sell Bitcoin, we would just tap on sell on the bottom of the screen, then we can type and we can type in 97 cents, or however much we have in his cell on the bottom of the screen, and that would sell our Bitcoin, I’m just going to go ahead and hit the X, I’m going to keep this Bitcoin, for now, that’s also a weird way to sell Bitcoin. Having experienced cryptocurrencies you’re never selling at like $1 value, I’d be selling at this amount of value in bitcoins. 

I’d be typing in the number of bitcoins that I’m selling. So they’ve got a little bit of clunkiness here, probably just because they’re trying to keep it beginner-friendly, and the US dollar values, but I’d like to see them out a little bit more detail in there. So it makes sense, like for the amount of Bitcoin you’re selling, versus the number of dollars that you’re selling, it’s a little confusing the way that they have it. 

Now, somehow, I have $1 and cash on here, although I didn’t do anything. That’s so weird. Seems like a little bit of a glitch there. Yeah, so I added cash again, even though I hit cancel. So we’ve got some bugs here, nothing major, but it is a little bit confusing. As long as I’m not getting feed for this, guess that’s okay. Keep $1 and cash on here. Now, the other big thing I want to point out for Bitcoin is that you cannot send your Bitcoin off of this app and you cannot receive Bitcoin from external sources. 

Bitcoin Wallet

With any traditional bitcoin wallet, you would be able to do those things, you would have a bitcoin wallet address, and you would be able to send Bitcoin from any source into your Bitcoin wallet within the cash app, and vice versa, you will be able to send Bitcoin from your wallet on the cash app to external sources. And right now, we don’t see anything like that. And this is a very early version of their app. I’m sure they plan to do a lot more with cryptocurrencies. This is just the beginning. That’s why these things aren’t here. The bugs aren’t worked out yet. They still need to make some tweaks. But that seems like the major thing that they need to add like this needs to become a real wallet or I can send Receive Bitcoin. So it makes me question the legitimacy of it. 

I’m sure it’s fine because backed by a huge company square, and I’m sure they’re working on these things. But those are just the issues that I see that I want to point out. So people aren’t blindly going in here thinking that they’ll be able to do all the traditional things that normal bitcoin wallets allowing you to do. There you go, a quick overview of the cash app. 

How to buy and sell Bitcoin

And there you have it, how to buy and sell Bitcoin using the cash app by square as well as some of the positives and negatives to using this app for your cryptocurrencies. I hope you guys found this article helpful. Be sure to drop a comment down below if you have any questions and I will try and answer those. Also, be sure to follow the WebSite for a daily article on mobile apps, social media, tech, and all that good stuff. Thank you guys for Reading.

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