How To Make Money Online Fast With Google

How To Make Money Online Fast With Google

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Today, How to Makey Money Fast With Google share method with you. Its method is very easy. A lot of make money online. All you need to do is space it here, and you will be making $22 every two minutes, which is worth $660 every hour. It’s free, and it works all over the world. But before we start, Hey guys, welcome to the money online fast, where we teach you how to make money online.

How To Make Money Online

How to make money online, you will update and you can start to make money happen. Now, let’s get back to the Article. Anyway, with that, said, And I can show you another great strategy to make money online. So as usual, everything is going to explain step by step. So it’s going to be easy for you to follow along. So let’s start with step number one. 

Step number one is to first come over to Google. And you want to search for articles that teach people how they can Lose weight. 

So for Example,

you can search how to lose weight or how to lose weight fast, or how to lose weight fast, and stuff like that. So we will search for how to lose weight fast. 

how you can lose weight. So something that could be helpful for people that are searching or looking to lose weight. So for example, I’m going to use this article here on how to lose weight fast, three simple steps based on science. I will click on this article, you can choose any article you like. So the point is you fair need to search for the right keyword. 

You need to find some article that teaches people how we can lose weight, you will then open some of those articles.

You can see, this one that I have opened teaches people three different steps so that they could lose weight. And I will leave it like that. Now we’re going to do is go back to Google. And now you want to search for Google Sites.

Click on that, and it will open up this page. So this kind of a Google tool, a free tool that allows you to create a free website. I am going to show you how you’re going to use that tool to make money every single is correct if you follow the steps. It doesn’t matter if you have some previous skills or not. 

Follow the steps of this article. So now you want to click on a blank page on google site, this plus icon right here clicks on that. And this will allow you to create a brand new website. And as you can see, you do not need any coding skills or HTML or whatever, you double click on this. And if you want to change that title, the title of this website will be weight loss boss. I know it sounds good. So this is an example. You can use any title you want, of course, then you can customize everything. As you see, you can bold, you can change the colors, you can change the text, you can change everything. You can even change your background image right here. To do so you can click on with change image. And you’ll either select upload or select image and change. And as you can see, it’s customizable and easy to make a nice looking website. But I’m not going to go over designs, you can of course play around.

Now, what you want to do is add another text box from here, so click on the text box. Now as you can see, you can try on some text box. Since they’re ranking number one on Google, it means that they’re good. If you can copy text and change synonyms of some text and use it on your website. Credit the owner of the website and say this text was grip from this insert link or this insert website. Now credit them to your website. But, I will copy this and I will go back here and I will paste the text here. And now I can customize the text. As you can see, I want to make this italic. And I will click Italian. I also want to make all diets bold. So I’m going to click bold. If I want to change the text, or if I want to change the bolt, I wanted to make it bigger or smaller, I could do that. I could do all that here for free. And I could also publish my website for free. Now let me play around so I can make it look a little better. I also want to add a little image on the right-hand side. How do I do that? Well, I can click on an image right here and click and upload. Then I will go to As you can see, this is the best stock photo and video shared by talented creators. 

So these guys are going to give me free stock images, which I could use on my website free of charge. So everything I showed today is free. You don’t need a single dollar to make this happen, which is good. And that’s why anyone could do it. Anyways, you can search for weight loss or fitness or something like that. And you can find an image that represents weight loss, losing weight, and fitness. 

For example, Write this Article upload Image that free copies right. And you can find that image on your downloads and double click on that image. And you’ll be able to see it here on your website. Now you can customize it or drag it over here. And you can play around and make some nice designs and make some nice looking websites. Now, before we publish this website. there’s one single thing that we must do that will make us money for every Single Art. 

It’s like a Clickbank but only for digital products and it works all over the world. it’s not like Clickbank since Clickbank is not worldwide available. But this one is you can sign up for free, you get more sales and less work. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all the selling and stuff like that. 

Once you create an account in Affiliate Programme, you will click Log In Botton right. you will log in to your Affiliate account. Then you will promote any product as a marketplace to make money. Click the marketplace and click all offers on the affiliate marketplace. That’s going to give you their affiliate links to connect so you can make a lot of money. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, well. So you can promote some products. when someone has chosen a product sales then you got money as promotion of the product. you can grab an affiliate link for that product. And when someone buys that product through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. As you can see, in some of the cases, you can get a 90% Commission. And when that product is selling for $100. In this case, you will get $90 per sale, which is quite a lot. If you join me, His go to show you how you can do no selling at all copy and paste, and make hundreds of dollars every 60 minutes. On the left-hand side, you will find fitness and health and you want to click on fitness in health.

You can as an affiliate your website is about fitness and health. you can go find some nice paying products that will pay you a nice commission you will grab an affiliate link for it. Now on the first page. You can found some good products. This is like a two-week diet. The number one best selling weight loss diet offer. this ones gonna pay me at 98 for every sale that I make, so it’s not going to be hard to sell since it’s not 1000s of dollars.

But it’s only $40. If you convert this to dollars, so it’s not going to be hard to sell. I can make lots of sales. And I can make nice commissions like 18 euros is like 22 points $60 or something like that. So $22 per sale, all I need to do now is click on promote now, and it’s gonna give you your custom affiliate link. Now, this is your affiliate link, you will click that link and copy. Now someone’s going click link and buy some product for like less than $40 you’re gonna make $22. You will be able to track your Commission in the digit store by clicking on the dashboard. It will show you your money one time you start making it with an affiliate link.

You’ll go back to your Google site and you want to add some text. Now you want to add above this The easiest way to lose weight in two weeks. Appealing to people who would like to lose weight, and you will paste your affiliate link right here. Or another thing you can do if you want to make it a little bit better, you will right-click here to get instant access. And you will bold this. And then you will click this icon right here. So you can insert a link, click on that and paste your affiliate link here and click Apply. Now, if someone sees the easiest way to lose weight in two weeks, they click on this link, they go over to the product. And they see it’s less than 40 bucks, and they can lose weight in less than two weeks. So that focused on losing weight.

They will be more likely to spend 40 bucks. you know, some people are spending 1000s of dollars trying to lose weight. And now you’re offering them some books that will help them lose weight in two weeks. So why not, it’s a good investment for them.

Now, I played around with the designs made it look better made look a little more professional. And made sure that this text is bigger than the rest of the text, it’s going to be easier for them to see. And it’s going to be better for them to click on it and take some action. And of course, the more texts you add to your website, the better. And also make sure to include your affiliate link many times on the website so they can miss it. And once they’re done playing around with the designs and putting links all over the website. you’ll click on Publish right here.

Then create your custom web address. So I will for example place a weight loss dashboard. Let’s see if that’s available. Yes, it is. Then I will click publish and have a custom link that takes people to my website where I can have my affiliate link. So if we’re gonna click View right here, that’s gonna

Gonna take us to a brand new website. As you can see, it’s nice. And as you saw, it’s free to make this website, it says weight loss loss. And I can add different with good look images. I can customize it, people could see the easiest way to lose weight in two weeks. or they can access it, it will take them over to this website, as you can see, and we can buy the product and I could make $22. Now I need to think about how you can get the traffic to this website. Don’t worry, it’s going to be easy to do that is grab your link, grab the link that takes people to this website. And you’ll have so many places to place your website. For example, you can go over to Twitter. Then go to export. You can sign up to Twitter for free, you don’t need followers, you can create a brand new account with no followers. 

If you can read more about weight loss here or something like that. Tell them that the website helps you or something like that. that will give them an incentive to click on your link and go over to your website where they could learn more about it. And click on your affiliate link. And where you can make money, you could also use Facebook, so sign up to Facebook for free. And this might be better. Because here we can find billions of people that want to lose weight. and you’re not selling them anything. And you’re not pushing them to buy anything or some program or some offer. you’re sending them you’re giving them the article that helps you lose weight. So they will be thankful. And they will be more likely to click on your link and take action. So come over to Facebook search for weight loss or fitness or losing weight, then search by groups. And that’s going to give you a group of like 1000s of 1000s of members. As you can see 100,000 members in this group, join as many of these groups as possible you can and start sharing your link. Once again, they will be okay with that because you’re not selling anything. You’re telling them how it helped you.

 And you will be giving this article on this website. And they will read on it. And they will not block you out of these groups, you’re not going to look spammy. because once again, you’re offering free value. If they want to, they can also buy this offer, you don’t need to go around and paste your link all day every day. Because once you paste your link all over the group 1000s of people will be able to see it again and again and again. And since we are all interested in weight loss, they will take action, then we can also use Quora. This is a place where you can come to ask questions, you can search how to lose weight. you can find people that are searching for how to lose weight. You can reply to them telling them once again. How this article helps you and help them go again to that article which can help them since it’s free for them. we can go to the article, and we can read more about it. 

Once again, you’re not pushing them, you’re offering them free value, and they will be thankful for that. If You can use Twitter. Facebook, Quora, Instagram, or other social media platform.  shares its Blog post link on the social platforms. And we can go over there and they can take action and you can make money every single are and that is the end of the Article.

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