How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

Install OneCoin APPS Instructions

Dear {{First Name}} {{Last Name}},


Thank you for applying for one year of exclusive access to the OneCoin App.

The application was reviewed and access to your profile has been granted. 


If you have an Android phone, please download the App from here: {{link}}

After you have downloaded the App follow the instructions below to install the app on your phone.


iOS users have to wait a little bit more, the iOS version is coming soon. You will receive an email when it is ready. 



How to manually install Apps and APK files on your Android device


How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

You can browse the site and download any APK you want. But, before we can install it, you must ensure that your phone has permission to install third-party Apps. This can be checked under the ‘Security’ tab or listing within your Settings menu. Normally it will say “allow third-party installations” or “install from unknown sources”, however, some newer phones and versions of Android are a little more granular. So, you will have to pick which apps are allowed to install unknown sources, which is generally going to be your preferred browser app. We are using Samsung Internet, but Chrome will be another popular option that you will need to set up here.


You will also notice other Apps which are able to install files on your phone from here, so now is a good time to browse through your device to ensure it’s all applicable. The AMC Theaters App, for example, potentially has the permission to install outside apps, but why would a movie theater need to do that? Check things like that, and make sure you do not see anything untrustworthy.


How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

Once you have done that, you will need to find the file and open it to start the installation process. Many phones come with file managers that should make this easy even giving you quick access to the downloads folder of your internal storage. If you do not have one or just want to use something else, there are various file managers available on the Play Store as well. If you go via the file manager route, however, you may need to back up to the previous step and verify that it is able to install apps from third-party sources.

You should also see a notification soon after downloading an APK file, and simply tapping that notification should start the process, prompting you for permission to install. This is the quickest way to do things, assuming you can catch the download after it finishes but before you clear out your notifications or something similar.

How to install OneCoin APPS For Android Phones

And that is all there is to it! The App will run its installation process and then show up in your App drawer with your other Apps, with just a few caches. If you are trying to downgrade an App you are going to want to uninstall the newer version first, otherwise, everything should be normal.

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