How to Business Authenticity & Podcasting by Earn money

How to Business Authenticity & Podcasting by Earn money

How to Business Authenticity & Podcasting by Earn money

How To Showcase Your Business Authenticity In Your Blog

To start creating authentic content. You will want to define your relevant customer. And know what is important to share with them to lead them to your panels?  In a way that suits their purpose depending on where they are in their shopping cycle.

Share Your News

But you need to know what stories to share. Once you have a clear idea of ​​who your audience is? And what they need to know depending on where they are in their shopping cycle. It is easy to choose which stories to share. And the more you can share with your audience, the better. If you share and chat with them, they will see your authenticity shine as it relates to them.

Be Hidden

Okay, you want to be open about it. But first, you need to decide how obvious it is, and then stick to it. It ensures that the transparency you use matches the customer’s need. For example, if you say you make $ 100K a year, why not show them? If you say you can make money, that’s different. But when you say a number, you must be also willing to show proof.

Involve more

A great way to create content is to share. For example, if you have Facebook groups that you like to go to. Do you use them in a realistic way for what you want to achieve? Do you answer questions or ask the PM for you? it’s better to talk about other things more whether it’s a problem or a complaint. This will make you more transparent and true to your fans.

Chat Customer News

Another way to use Motivation content is to collect and share success stories for your customers. This is a great way to show what works for your other audience. They love to read stories and connect with people who are already your customers. You can do this in a blog post, on social media, or in live chat using Facebook Live or

Be consistent on all channels

Today, marketing is expected in an area with many channels. You will need to market online and offline and to various channels in both locations. After that you need consistency. Consistency is much easier if you are already confident in your product and yourself.

Use Different Formats

Content marketing requires you to use a wide variety of content formats, many of which you can reset. For example, if you chat with a satisfied customer via Facebook Live or Zoom. You can turn that conversation into a blog post. Then you can use that discussion in the book as an example. Also, you can drag quotes from interviews to make money.

When you learn to match content with your customer shopping cycle. Using authentic types of content from you, users, and others. Who provides content in your industry or niche. You will find it easier to create content for your audience. This is because you know that you are doing the truth for your product and yourself.

Why Is Used Podcasting?

Why Is Used Podcasting?

It’s hard to pinpoint a business idea that can’t be better developed with a podcast. Even if you don’t have an audience right now. Starting a podcast is a great way to create an interesting and captivating audience based on your niche perspective.

Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why you should start a podcast? if you are a business owner or want to start a business.

Postcards Improve Your Speech Skills

Even if you are a nervous speaker in front of a live audience, do not worry. You can record your podcast, edit your mistakes, and over time. You will improve your speaking ability. It’s a good way to start talking to the public without worrying.

Podcasts Can Make Money

A podcast with all the leading sites like your website, YouTube, or webinars. Also, they took a little to turn it off. You can sell your product services through your podcast. And take paid sponsored advertising when you’re ready.

Podcasts Easy to Get Started

You do not need a lot of good stuff to start a podcast. The technology is simple. A microphone, a quiet area, and a computer (or smartphone) for podcast recording are all you need.

Podcasts are less expensive to start with

Since you do not need good technology to start a podcast, it is not very expensive to start. You have all the tools you need to start a podcast.

Podcasts Can Change Video

While the video is a major street producer, it is not for everyone. Some people don’t like watching videos and some people don’t like doing it. These people like to talk about what they know or listen to someone. Who knows a lot while doing other things, and the podcasts are made for them.

The podcasts are still very popular

Because people get tired of screens. And sometimes want to listen to something while running, doing art, or writing. A podcast is good because it’s like listening to the most popular radio. Many people who start podcasts on their videos find that their podcast tops their videos.

Podcasts Are A Good Way To Duplicate Content

If you have other content, from blog posts to videos, you can return it to the podcast with very little editing. With a good blog post, you can read it, with video. When you look at the screen talking and not showing examples. You can turn it into a podcast by getting audio from the video.

Podcasts Provide Simple, Flexible Content

Because you don’t have to look good. You have to a good microphone and recording program. Then on your computer or phone to complete the podcast. It’s easier for most people to do it faster than video. You do not need good lighting, only good sound. With video you need everything.

The podcast provides the required and targeted content that your audience needs. It’s free for your audience. They can listen to it on the go and allow you to connect with your audience much better than based on the text.

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