How To Build An Online Store To Earn Money

 How To Build An Online Store To Earn Money

How To Build An Online Store To Earn Money

How To Build An Online Store To Earn Money

Dr. Ken Evoy, an e-commerce specialist, site out which in the offline Global a store will thrive if it’s found in a high traffic area.

But, in the online business, each store rises in the same section. It’s up to the business buyer to manage traffic to an online store.

Amazon and eBay are two of the largest online stores on the internet. Two of their highest traffic sources are from affiliates and search engine rankings.

Hundreds of thousands of website owners have signed up for amazon and eBay’s affiliate programs. Affiliates earn a peculiar coded affiliate connection which all post on their website. A site visitor clicks on the link visits Amazon or eBay, and if she makes a purchase the affiliate earns a commission.

This complete rule claims strong affiliate management software that can succeed thousands of associates.

Dr. Evoy, who manages one of the fastest-growing affiliate programs on the internet, reviews many affiliate management software programs in his comprehensive internet marketing manual Make Your Site Sell ($29-95). Evoy sold a million dollars worth of expensive penny stock software which was the inspiration for Make Your Site Sell.

Amazon and eBay’s other high source of traffic comes from search engine rankings. If you type in the title of your favorite book at Google, I’m willing to bet that one of the top ten results will be from Amazon.

Dr. Evoy’s approach to search engine optimization is to give the search engines exactly what they want – relevant, useful, and high-value content. Make Your Content Presell explains the entire process. Evoy has several case studies on his website that describe how his clients have built successful internet businesses.

In September, Marney Makridakis had an idea to start an online magazine for writers and artists.

As of December, she earns a full-time living from her online business. ( Her store sells 700 products, has 12 online discussion groups, 2 blogs, and six fully paid staff members.

In March, Jim Nelson started 5 months later he was receiving 1,053 visitors a month from the search engines. He then started selling juggling supplies. A year later he was receiving over 3,000 unique visitors a month and selling over 100 products in 4 different countries. He has sold juggling supplies in all 50 states and every continent except Antarctica.

In summary, if you want to start a thriving online business you will need to drive traffic to your store. To do this you should copy amazon and eBay and drive traffic through affiliates and search engine optimization. You can learn how to do this from Dr. Evoy’s comprehensive manual Make Your Site Sell and from case studies from his successful clients.


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