How The Vehicle of Success With Discipline

How The Vehicle of Success With Discipline 

How The Vehicle of Success With Discipline

Practice Makes Perfect

We have all learned ‘Practice Makes Perfect. The practice is doing something frequently to do it properly and once you determine to do it well, you practice to do it properly. Whether it is soliciting a hoop fest or arranging for communication, practice is your best ally. But what is it that keeps you preparing? It is Discipline.

Our society enjoys games. We gather in bars and fill arenas to watch athletes perform almost perfectly. Whether it is a warrior or a football pro, we are in awe and inspired by their almost superhuman talents. But those skills we so admire do not appear overnight. When a pugilist steps into a ring or a basketball player steps onto the court and performs, what you are observing is the finale of 1000’s constant moves and hours of devotedness. What kept them recurring the same move over and over again, day in and day out, hardly letting up, is Obedience.

Naturally, we are not disciplined classes. We love what feels good all the moment. We run from embarrassment. Anything that is outside our help zone, we should away from. Discipline is like an inside drill sergeant that barks at us to get our asses up when we want to roll over and enjoy more sleep. It tells us that it is not extended to go home when everyone else has withdrawn for the night. Discipline tells you not to feed that slice of cake or drink that Coke. Whatever your objective is, Discipline is necessary to stay on the right track towards it.

How does One Attain Discipline?

So how does one attain Discipline? Like most good qualities in life, Discipline can be developed. Think of the first thing you do when you get up in the morning. What is it? Do you reach for the TV remote? Head straight into the kitchen? Here is an idea for how you can begin to develop discipline in your life. Since each day is a new opportunity for you to live the rest of your life start with something that will require Discipline at first; Make your bed.

That’s it. Make your bed. Make your bed every day. There will be days when you don’t feel like making your bed. Do it anyway. Start your day by having accomplished a task to improve your life. A made bed is a very good way to start your day. It is an accomplishment. At first, it will take Discipline to keep you doing this if you have not been used to making your bed. Eventually, you will do so out of habit. You have created a good habit. Congratulations!

Now, what are you after? A better-paying job? Making a team? Winning a championship? Whatever it is, understand the Discipline that made it possible to accomplish that first task in the morning is not limited. It is there to help you with whatever your goals are. You just need to heed it, not ignore it. The more disciplined you become in various areas of your life, the more structure you will find in those areas of your life.

Whatever your goal is, think of yourself as an athlete competing to attain it. Put yourself in the mindset of an athlete. Then employ Discipline to keep at it to make yourself better. You will reap if you do not grow weary.

Dreams Don’t Die

Look at your life. Are you where you expected to see yourself? Is this what you had in mind when you once had a dream? Are you living your dream? If your answer to these questions is NO, then get about the business of making your dreams a reality. It is a single decision. Dreams don’t die.

If you ever have the opportunity to address a room full of 3rd graders, ask each of them to tell you their dreams. Children always have dreams. They always know what it is they want to be. And they will tell you happily what those dreams are. Now, what is the difference between you, a forty or fifty or even sixty-year-old, and one of those 3rd graders?

I will tell you the difference; Life happened!

I will tell you the difference; Life happened!

Life always happens. Life brings with it joy and heartbreak, successes and failures, victories and defeats, setbacks and disappointments. You name it, Life will bring it. And for most of us, we believe there is nothing we can do about it. The reason we believe there is nothing we can do about it is because of how we handle the various curve balls life throw at us. Do those challenges or victories break you or motivate you to go harder and further to attain your dreams?

Good things can kill your dreams. I will say it again. Good things kill your dreams. Marriage is good, yes? Across this planet men and women are considered “successful” if they are married. It is considered an accomplishment. And as wonderful as marriage is, it is a big dream killer. How many young women, full of enthusiasm and dreams have had that enthusiasm drained from her and her dreams evaporate like water vapor? Hold that thought about vapor. Millions of women are in what is considered successful marriages but they are not living their dreams. Many men are in successful marriages and are not living their dreams.

How many have gotten very good, high-paying jobs, and yet when they look at their dreams they are but a distant memory. They are like something in an alternate universe. Believe it or not, it is often the good things that keep us from being Great. When Life is going “good” we tend to become complacent. We tend to coast through life. A comfortable life is perhaps one of the most destructive dream killers. You work, you get paid, you can pay your bills, but you have a ton of debt. Manageable debt but you can make the payments on time and you live comfortably. Life is good. But it is NOT great.

You at your greatness is you doing what you love. It brings you joy. It gives you satisfaction. There are no regrets when you are living it. You living a Great life is not on borrowed money. Your dreams will make way for you to live on your terms, not according to the terms set by the bank or credit card company.

Now, remember that vapor? You see when the water dries up, it does not mean it no longer exists. It simply exists in another form. But, that form can change back into the water. We see this all the time in nature. We have all learned about rain. Consider everything in your life that has pushed your dreams aside. Whatever those events or things or experiences are, let’s call them, Evaporation. This is the process in the water cycle that changes water molecules into vapor. But there is another process called Condensation. That is the process that changes that vapor back into a liquid.

Your dreams don’t die. With the right energy, your dreams can be revived. It takes just a decision. It takes just you making up your mind that no matter what Life has thrown or will throw at you, you will pursue your dreams. You will never attain that Great life without a dream. It is the creative vehicle that takes you from a mediocre life to one of Greatness. But it takes a single decision. Not many. Just one decision. Change your Mind, and watch how life unfolds around you. Dreams don’t die. So at forty, fifty, sixty, or whatever your age, make up your mind that you will pursue your dreams. Stop looking at your age. When water is formed again from condensation, it is not “old” water. In fact water we drink and bathe with has been around for millions of years. Stop worrying about your age. Yesterday is in the past.( Live the rest of your life on your terms. Your dreams are waiting for you to revive them. Do so now!

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