How Success Management In Life

 How Success Management In Life

How Success Management In Life

Do you have a PLAN for Success?

Success brings with it another set of problems. Too much paperwork, too many clients wanting products and services quickly, too many prospective clients tugging at your sleeves. Never enough time to sit back and create a strategy or direction for the future. But as your business grows and you become successful, if you don’t have a strategy for how to manage success, you’ll lose all the momentum you’ve built.

Whether you’re already successful or moving towards success, here are some tips for managing your success wisely:

Celebrate your success. Big or small, each success must be celebrated. It doesn’t matter if you shout out a little “Whoopie!” or if you call your best friend to share the news. Just take time to celebrate each success which will help build the momentum for more success to come.

Don’t choke. Choking is an emotional reaction to success. It’s a subconscious sabotaging of your success because you believe at some level you don’t deserve the success. Instead, express gratitude for each small success and admit that the success came because YOU stepped into the arena, not because of luck.

Don’t become complacent. Just because you’ve had one small success doesn’t mean you can sit back on your laurels. (The same holds if you just got that million dollar contract!) Stick to your plan for growth and the dream of business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Take time to learn new things about your industry, or learn new business skills that will take you into the future.

Learn from your success. Just like we’re all told to learn from our failure, take time out to learn from our successes. What did you do right that got you where you are today? Which pieces of the success brought you the most fulfillment and happiness?

Decide if you want to stay at the present level or grow your business further. Once you’ve had a big success it’s time to decide if you’re finally at the level where you’ve always wanted to be, or if there’s still another goal you want to go after. Sometimes we just pile success upon success without realizing that we created the life we wanted 5 years ago and the rest has just been “busy work.”

Take stock of the balance between your personal life and your business life. Often success comes with a lot of personal sacrifices. Take time now to see where your whole life might be out of balance and make a commitment to have a whole, complete, successful LIFE, not just a successful business.

Choose only the real opportunities that come across your desk, and avoid the “good ideas” that won’t help you maintain or grow your business. With a high level of success, the panic that you’ll never have enough tends to recede into the distance. Once this fear subsides, you can take a look at the offers that come to you and decide if they are a “true opportunity” that will take you forward in your business or just a “good idea” that doesn’t need to be acted upon by you.

Share your success lessons with others. Take time to share your story with others so that they can learn from your successes and failures. Give back to the community and to the people who are just getting started as a way to share your wisdom and belief about abundance.

Take a look at how your office runs. 

Is there any process that should Change? 

Is there anything that can be automated? 

Now is the time to put some energy into the administrative side of your business so that it can continue to run smoothly into the future.

Create a new business plan and 5-year goal. What’s next for you and your business? Is it time to grow some more? Move-in a different direction? Offer new products and services to diversify your revenue source? Stop selling products and services that are underperforming?

Watch out for saboteurs. Some people in your life will not be happy about your success because they feel threatened or jealous of it. Pay attention to how people react to your success and surround yourself with people who are truly happy for you and what you’re creating in your life.

Sometimes handling success is harder than handling failure. By taking time to celebrate your success and pay attention to the lessons it offers, success can be more deeply meaningful and fulfilling than you can ever be expected.

Success Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet

Unfortunately, we do not have any translation for this quote in Urdu yet. If you think you can translate it into Urdu, please be the first to translate this quote into Urdu for our readers.

but after attending myself for the first time last month I can assure you that he described this event well. Between nearly 100 vendor reps and 100+ sales reps, there were numerous opportunities for learning and networking. The planning that goes into this event is not a small task either. The marketing team at Durvet begins preparing months in advance to ensure that there is a healthy dose of learning coupled with a little bit of time for fun. You know what they say about all work and no play…

This year, Sales Pro was held at the JW Marriot in San Antonio, and in true Texas style, it was beautiful and BIG!  I did not track my steps while there, but I am sure I would have broken any previous record I may have set.  The festivities kick off on Tuesday and it is a full-on sprint until Friday morning.  The days are filled with vendor breakout sessions, which give the reps a chance to learn in-depth about a variety of vendor topics.  The evenings consist of a trade show and dinner providing a less formal opportunity for networking and 1 on 1 interaction.  On Wednesday afternoon, we do make a little time for the fun I mentioned earlier with a golf outing (this year on a PGA course – wow!), a sightseeing trip to the historic Riverwalk, or an afternoon at the onsite waterpark.  The days can be long, but knowledge and relationship building garnered during the week is well worth the extra hours!

As the newbie, I was pleasantly surprised by how actively engaged everyone was in the event. From the vendors to the sales reps, every attendee was present and eager to grow their business. It may seem obvious, but we are better for our customers when we can truly hear what their needs are and understand the products that are available to meet those needs. These people get that. And let’s face it, we love our animals! Whether it is as a consumer or a backyard farmer, our animals are either our passion or our livelihood. 

I truly enjoyed getting to put faces with names. If you call Durvet, most often I am going to be the person who answers the phone. I love to talk (if you know me, I know you will be shocked by that….ha!) and I have become personally invested in many of our “regulars”. Being able to see these people and sit down and have meals with them, or do an activity together on Wednesday, made that bond even tighter.  I look forward to next year in Charleston, South Carolina. I will have officially put the rookie badge away, although I have a feeling I have A LOT left to learned Success.

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