Best techniques to learn self-love


Without even thinking about it, many people give more love to others than to themselves. In their relationships, they would be able to uproot a tree for someone they love, but not to make a bouquet for themselves.

Best techniques to learn self-love

This is one of the critical mistakes! Happiness lies in offering ourselves the best because our personality is reinforced only in this way, and we shed low self-esteem. Once that work is done, we will take better care of our relationships with other people.


As we have already mentioned, telling ourselves loud and clear that we love each other is a little steep, but it is not usually enough, and we must delve deeper into psychology.

We must try to listen deeply to each other and nurture personal appreciation and development. Thus, to strengthen self-esteem, you have to dedicate time and work on it actively.

How important is it to feel self-love?

Self-esteem is undoubtedly one of the essential pillars of well-being because emotions influence the quality of life. Reinforcing self-love from psychology and healthy living improves what we feel and think.

As a result, we will make better decisions. These decisions, in turn, will influence the way we see and face life. In psychology, there are a lot of tips and exercises on how we can work on self-esteem.


These exercises teach you little by little to improve specific patterns, love yourself more, and value yourself. Of course, keep in mind that we are not experts in psychology, so you should talk to a professional if you want to explore your inner self’s relationship.

Five techniques to improve self-love

Keep an optimistic spirit

A positive attitude is an essential element to increase self-esteem and be happy. Your thoughts are practically the basis of everything and influence your emotions.

Thus, if you have positive reviews about yourself, it will be easier for you to raise your spirits and strengthen your self-esteem.

If you love yourself more, you will also consider yourself more, which will lead you to take care of your health because you will make better decisions in life.

Positive thoughts

Ask yourself how often you think only about what you don’t like about yourself, whether it’s love handles, your nose, or your propensity for laziness. Now write down all these things that you perceive as problems in your personality or your physique on a sheet of paper. 

Then write down at least the same number of things you do like about yourself, like your great sense of humor, eyes, or cooking skills. Take your time to think about it (looking in the mirror helps).

The purpose of the exercise is to find more qualities than defects, obtain a more positive assessment of your image, and lift your spirits.

Dedicate yourself to the right words

When was the last time you complimented yourself? The same a long time ago, right? Come on, cheer up, don’t be afraid! Beginning to communicate with yourself, compassionately is of the utmost importance to reinforce security and trust.

Psychology does not lie: a positive mindset helps you eliminate low self-esteem problems and focus on what is right for you.

A compliment from time to time

We complement each other less than we should. Fortunately, we can change this immediately: congratulate yourself or compliment yourself at least once a day, every day! It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary.

Have you taken out the trash? Well done! Have you taken a half-hour walk? Ole! Did you drink a lot of water? Phenomenal! Try it: you will improve the image you have of yourself in less time than you think.

Write a diary

Many of us wrote a journal when we were little. At that time, we were less reluctant to write down our most intimate and crazy feelings and ideas.

Low self-esteem is often deeply rooted within us, so it is sometimes difficult to understand why we have such negative emotions or concepts about certain aspects of our personality or appearance.

A journal helps you organize everything you can think and feel because writing worries on paper often allows us to find a solution to our problems. This is one of the great pieces of advice of the experts in psychology: when we externalize our concerns, a solution suddenly appears by way of revelation.

Automatic writing exercise

Write at least one page in your journal every morning or evening for a month. It does not matter if it is a digital or physical diary: the important thing is that you do not focus on the style but rather on listening to your heart and translating those words onto paper. If writing is not your thing and you prefer to draw, go ahead! Just remember to make time for it every day.

Take care of the diet

Imagine that you buy a sports car from milk. The vehicle of your dreams! How would you take care of it? Surely you would not add any fuel, but quality gasoline, because you want to take care of it and keep it new for as long as possible.


Well, the same thing happens to your body! Food is the body’s fuel. If you eat unhealthy foods every day, you will become numb and tired, and sooner or later; you will collapse. It is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet to increase self-esteem: physical health and psychology are closely related.

Treat yourself when you feel like it, but not in any way, but with health always as a priority. For example, our protein cream is a sweet tooth’s dream: low in sugar, high in protein, and with all the flavor of chocolate, but healthy.

Eat healthy to feel good

Observe your eating habits for a few days. If you stop to think … do you eat well? Do you peck a lot? Do you have a weakness for fast food? Do you drink too much alcohol?

When we realize that we eat a little poorly, we have to change the habit and eat healthier and more balanced. This does not mean that you dedicate yourself to eating only lettuce, but you have to be aware of what feels right to your body.

Changing your diet in the long term can help you solve self-esteem problems more than you think. As we want to be part of your development towards a happier life, we bring you a few menus that will guide you to change your eating habits.

Put on your sneakers and dance non-stop

Surely more than once you have given everything to the rhythm of the music at a party or a disco, right? And how do you feel? Wonderful, right? When we dance, our body releases endorphins ², which makes us feel free and happy.


Dancing has a positive impact on psychology because it teaches you to forget everything that blocks you and to move freely following instinct. Also, dance fills you with pleasure and allows you to give a different rhythm to the structured and organized routine. Goodbye mistakes! Hello, joy!

Move your hips

As Shakira said, hips don’t lie! And the best part is that you can shake them anywhere, even at home! You could propose to dance a little every day, why not? Put on your favorite song and let yourself go.

If you are not very good at dancing or feel ridiculous, avoid mirrors, and make sure other people don’t see you. Don’t put pressure on yourself: feel the music and make no judgment or assessment.

Release everything that blocks you and all that accumulated negativity thanks to body movements. You’ll see how you loosen up little by little after a few dance sessions … Your self-esteem will go through the roof!


Self-esteem is an important and complex topic in the field of psychology that we should all work on. It focuses on gaining awareness of your worth, treating yourself well, and always wanting the best for yourself.

Having high self-esteem does not mean loving your whole being and your actions, but being aware of who you are, accepting yourself, and making conscious decisions that influence your well-being.


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